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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the alternatives to ServiceNow?

ServiceNow Alternatives and Competitors. To help steer your commercial success and pick the perfect tool for your business, we've put together a definitive list of ServiceNow competitors and alternatives for your reading pleasure: Helpjuice. ConnectWise.

How many employees does ServiceNow have?

Frequently Asked Questions about ServiceNow 1 How many employees does ServiceNow have? ServiceNow has 6,000 employees 2 What sector does ServiceNow operate in? ServiceNow is in IT Services, Systems Software, Analytics 3 Who are ServiceNow's competitors? ServiceNow's top competitors are BMC, Splunk, Salesforce 4 Who has ServiceNow invested in? ...

Do ServiceNow competitors offer a unified ITSM solution?

Unfortunately, the number of ServiceNow competitors that offer a unified ITSM, CMDB, IT Discovery, Service Mapping solution shrinks quite extensively. Given how critical an accurate CMDB with well-mapped services is to realizing ITSM’s full value, why settle for anything less?

Is ServiceNow the only service desk solution for You?

Great as it may be, however, ServiceNow is far from being the only viable solution for this category. Other solutions can even surpass it in terms of help desk, service desk, and ITSM functions. Some also offer better pricing models. To show you that, here are 10 ServiceNow alternatives that you should check out. What is ServiceNow?

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