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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy bulk wheat berries?

Manna Mills in Mount Lake Terrace sells wheat berries in 50 pound bags or in the bulk bins for you to measure out the amount you need. I haven't been in for awhile (bought several bags and haven't needed to) but around the end of June I got 50 pound bags for about $33 (or so, can't remember exactly).

Where can you buy wheat berries?

Where to Buy Wheat Berries Look for wheat berries in any grocery or natural foods store, either with the rice and beans or in the baking aisle with various cereal grains. You may find them in the international foods aisle alongside other whole grains such as freekeh and bulgur. You can also purchase wheat berries online.

What are the health benefits of wheat berries?

What are the Health Benefits of Wheat Berries? Because they are a true whole grain, wheat berries are PACKED with nutrition and very healthy. They are low in calories and fat, but high in fiber, protein and iron. Because of this, they are excellent for weight loss, strengthening bones and regulating blood sugar levels.

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