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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a motion activated wildlife camera?

Correctly positioned and set up, a digital wireless motion activated wildlife camera kit can take amazing shots and video footage of animals going about their business. Whether they’re in the garden, backyard or even in a forest somewhere, trail cameras can capture stunning images. How do wildlife cameras work?

What is a wildlife camera trap?

WiFi Trail Camera Wireless by UK Wildlife Cameras Camera traps, also known as trail cameras or scouting cameras, hidden in the best places to watch wildlife, are activated by an infrared sensor when body heat or movement from an animal is detected. Day and night these cameras provide a glimpse into a previously unseen world.

Why buy from UK wildlife cameras?

Read about how most common garden birds moult in the late summer, which can leave them... UK Wildlife Cameras is a trusted supplier of equipment for wildlife enthusiasts across the UK. Our high-quality camera equipment allows you to get an intimate, uninterrupted look at the creatures with which we share our planet.

What is a WiFi wildlife camera?

This third-generation WiFi wildlife camera allows you to watch many types of wildlife in your garden or outdoor space. The convenient 'bullet' shape of the camera means you can easily mount it to a wall or fence post to get the perfect angle to spot passing wildlife.

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