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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Wiggles still doing a show?

Today he’s wiggling as much as ever, but in between shows he is performing alongside bandmate and current purple Wiggle Lachie in a grown-up band The Unusual Commoners, singing folk songs from Australia, Scotland and Ireland. The band kicked off in 2016 at a Sydney charity gig and more recently had a sell-out show in St John’s, Canada.

Why Greg left The Wiggles?

In 2006, Greg "Yellow Shirt" Page left the group due to poor health, and a young musician named Sam Moran was brought on to don The Golden Chemise. Earlier this year, The Wiggles made an unexpected announcement that, having regained his health, Page was once again well enough to Wiggle. Moran was fired from the group.

Are the Wiggles still on TV?

The original line up of The Wiggles giving their last ever TV performance, and third-last ever performance, at the Woolworth's Carols in the Domain, in Sydne...

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