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Frequently Asked Questions

Does wigs for kids charge patients?

Wigs for Kids never charges recipient families any fee for wigs; all expenses are covered from donations or from the sale of donated hair that is not usable in wigs. Recipients must be age 18 or under; most are suffering from cancer or alopecia, a condition marked by permanent hair loss.

What causes hair loss in children?

Hair loss in children is most commonly due to scalp disorders such as infections and other problems. The most common causes are: Tinea capitis is an infection that is the most common cause of hair loss in children. It is a ringworm infection, which attacks the scalp resulting in ring-like lesions.

Where can you donate hair for wigs?

Hair donations received are then sent to a wig manufacturer of human hair. These wigs are given to cancer Survivors (patients) free of charge, the only exception being CANSA Durban Care Centre where a contribution is required, as these hair donations are outsourced to an independent wigmaker.

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