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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any short style wigs with bangs?

No matter what hair style Pixie, Short Bob or texture you're looking for, we have them all. These popular short style wigs are available with and without bangs in short human hair, short synthetic hair, and short lace front these short cuts represent the best of the best short wigs .

Who makes the wigs in the photos?

The photos they use show wigs designed and made by reputable firms such as Paula Young, Tressallure, Raquel Welch, Ellen Wille, Wigs4U and many others. The wig I thought I purchased is “Emily”, made by Tressallure:

Are Your Wigs the same as the ones on your website?

Of course the wigs you send to unsuspecting customers aren’t the same as the ones on your website – they are cheap copies sold at inflated prices. Most, if not all, of the photos on your website are stolen from reputable manufacturers such as Tressallure, Paula Young and Raquel Welch.

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