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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wigwam wool socks?

These Wigwam wool socks feature a non binding leg and long wearing heel and toe. Wigwam 625 Socks are made of 60% Wool, and 40% Nylon. These Wigwam athletic socks are available in White or Black. Buy Wigwam 625 socks online or check out our greater selection of quality Wigwam Wool Socks for sale online.

When will The Wigwam 625 be out of stock?

The manufacturer has informed us the Wigwam 625 is expected to be out of stock through early 2022. We have a *VERY* good alternative available: American-made, same quality, same price, even slightly higher wool content, but in very limited supply. Give us a call at (262) 334-7052 to learn more!

How can I get 90 days free with Wigwam?

To help you prepare for a better camping experience, Wigwam has partnered with The Dyrt Pro to give you 90 days free. Visit htt... Introducing SynchroKnit™. Fits like no other because it's knit like no other. Our patented knitting process reduces the knit stitches enabling socks to follow t...

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