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Frequently Asked Questions

Are wigwam socks made in the USA?

The Wigwam King Cotton Crew is made in Wisconsin, USA by hardworking men and women, just like yourself. We take pride in knitting these socks to keep you feeling good while you're working hard. The Wigwam Volley is a good, lighter weight alternative to the King Cotton Crew.

Which wigwam socks are best for dry feet?

For a lighter weight, synthetic sock from Wigwam, try the Cool-Lite Pro Crew. This sock utilizes our Ultimax technology to keep feet dry and blister free.

Why choose the Wigwam King Cotton Crew?

The Wigwam King Cotton Crew boasts the thickest cushioning of any Wigwam cotton sock. Naturally soft cotton throughout provides maximum foot comfort whether you're out for a casual stroll or amongst the hustle and bustle of the big city.

How can I get 90 days free with Wigwam?

To help you prepare for a better camping experience, Wigwam has partnered with The Dyrt Pro to give you 90 days free. Visit htt... Introducing SynchroKnit™. Fits like no other because it's knit like no other. Our patented knitting process reduces the knit stitches enabling socks to follow t...

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