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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wikipedia Game?

The Wikipedia Game is a version of the game where the player has 2 minutes 30 seconds to get from one website to another. It then averages the number of clicks and time it takes to get to finishing page. The player with the best averages wins.

What is a 2 player game on Wikipedia?

' 2-player Challenge': The form of the Wikipedia game where two people take it in turns to ask the other to navigate between two pages of their choosing, e.g. from Teletubbies to noodles. The number of clicks taken is counted, and once a player has completed the challenge, he sets the other a challenge of his own.

What are the best Wikipedia games for kids?

Three exciting Wikipedia games to challenge your brain: Wiki-Trivia, Wiki-Ranks and Disambiguation. It's informative, it's collaborative and it's fun!

What is the history of the game go?

The ancient Greeks had a board game similar to checkers, and also many ball games. The first reference to the game of Go occurs in Chinese records from around 2,400 [two thousand four hundred] years ago. Originally the game Go was used by political leaders to develop skill in strategy and mental skill.

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