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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books has Wilbur Smith written?

Since then, Smith has written over 30 novels. Below is a list of Wilbur Smith’s books in order of when they were originally published and also in their chronological order: Publication Order of Courtney Books Chronological Order of Courtney Books

Who was Wilbur Smith?

“Global bestselling author Wilbur Smith died unexpectedly this afternoon at his Cape Town home after a morning of reading and writing with his wife Niso by his side,” the statement said. Born in Zambia in 1933, Smith was the son of sheet-metal worker Herbert Smith and mother, Elfreda, acording to the website.

Is Africa always in Wilbur Smith's heart?

Africa is always in his heart. When-The-Lion-Feeds is the first adventure book published by Wilbur Smith. It tells the story of two brothers, Sean and Garrick Courtney, who meet a large antelope on their way back home. They decide to hunt it, using their father’s gun, but in an attempt to hit the animal, Sean shoots Garrick, who loses a leg.

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