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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Willett 9 years old?

The Willett has an 8-year age statement on it, but the specs indicate it was distilled in Spring 2013 and bottled in Summer 2022, so that technically should make it 9 years old. Strange. The stats on the bottle put it squarely in the crosshairs of the two previously mentioned wheated bourbons.

Is Willett a good whiskey brand?

There are certain brands within this wild whiskey world that garner a level of attention most distillers can only dream of. Willett happens to be one of those brands. Their iconic purple-topped bottles of Willett Family Estate Bourbon are among the most coveted items by bourbon fanatics.

What is the Willett wheated 8 year Bourbon?

Today I will be reviewing the Willett Wheated 8 Year Bourbon, a brand new release from the distillery which comes complete with a brand new black obsidian bottle and, of course, a purple top.

Where did the Willetts live?

1692-1792 For a century, these Willetts would call Prince George’s County, Maryland home, which is very near Washington, D.C. 1792 William Willett, Jr., grandson of Edward Willett, moved to Nelson County, Kentucky.

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