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Frequently Asked Questions

What are virtual desktops?

It’s this second definition that the term “Virtual Desktops” applies to. Up until Windows 10, most Windows PCs without multiple displays had a single desktop. Thanks to a feature called Task View in Windows 11, you can have multiple “virtual desktops” on the same PC and switch between them with ease.

How do I create a virtual desktop in Windows 11?

In Windows 11, virtual desktops are just a click away. To get started with them, click the Task View button in your taskbar, which looks like a square overlapping another. Or you can press Windows+Tab on your keyboard.

How do I switch between virtual desktops?

You can open apps and position their windows any way you want. Apps you open will appear on the taskbar in the virtual desktop as well. When you switch to another virtual desktop, that arrangement will be preserved, and you can switch back to it later by clicking Task View again and selecting the virtual desktop’s thumbnail.

How to change the background of a virtual desktop?

You can have a different background for each virtual desktop. It’s quite simple: Click on the “Task view” icon in the taskbar. Right click on the desktop you want to change. Click on “Choose background.” After clicking on the “Task view” icon in the taskbar, right-click on a desktop thumbnail to change its background.

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