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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the animation work on Windows 11?

On my desktop I never got the animation to work with Windows 11. Worked fine on 10. This, together with the almost unusable file explorer, makes me want to go back to 10 on my desktop. My laptop is fine on 11, however. there used to be a different animation. they switched back to the W10 sliding animation because the other one was janky

Is there a missing win+d animation?

If you are referring to the Win+D animation, this just returned in yesterday's Beta and Dev channel build. Per the release notes: Returned the missing animation when pressing WIN + D or clicking the Show Desktop button. No, I'm talking about switching between different virtual desktops.

Is it possible to turn off the animation when switching desktops?

We’ve turned off the animation when switching Desktops using the keyboard shortcuts as it was leading to flashes and hangs. You may consider filing Feedback (Win+F) so that MS can consider the same for the future. For a better answer, always include PC Specs, Make and Model of the device. Ensure all the latest quality updates have been installed.

How do I know which desktop I'm in without the animations?

Without the animation, there is no indication you've switched. yes its hard know which desktop i am in without the animations. but the animations are playing on laptop when switching desktops using gestures. Reddit Inc © 2022.

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