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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate and install WinZip for free?

Download WinZip in 3 Easy Steps. Click on the DOWNLOAD button and go directly to the official WinZip download page. Choose the TRY IT FREE option. After the file downloads, double click and select RUN. Follow the on-screen instructions and when the installation is complete, WinZip will open.

Do I have to buy WinZip?

Winzip has always been a commercial product. As the trial is not enforced people sometimes get the impression it is free. It is not. After expiration of the trial you are required to pay for the product or discontinue use. OEM computers often include trial versions of commercial software such as Winzip.

How you can open a WinZip file without WinZip?

Can I unzip files without WinZip? Double-click on the zip file to open it in explorer view. In the toolbar, under the “Compressed Folder Tools” section, select the option “Extract all“. Else, right-click on the zip file and choose the option “Extract All…“. A window opens.

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