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What was the fashion like in the 1860s?

A number of new women's styles made their way into the fashion world during the 1860s. The decade was particularly marked by a change in the shape of women's skirts, both in the use of gored skirt and in the addition of the oval hoop. Dress skirts and bodices also received more surface decoration, marking a move into the exuberant Victorian age.

What did Italian women wear in the 1860s?

Evening gowns from around 1860 with full skirts held out by crinolines Bouffant gowns from the early 1860s. Italian woman wears a gray striped jacket with turned-back pagoda sleeves trimmed in contrasting fabric and a matching skirt. Her blouse sleeves or engageantes are full over her lower arms, 1861.

How did skirts change in the 1860s?

During the 1860s, the crinolines or the hoop-shaped structure which made the skirt stand out which will make the waist look even smaller. The crinoline was not becoming flattered in the front and did not change in the back. This made a train of the skirt which was the fashion then.

What did the dress look like in the 1870s?

The shape of the dress changed significantly during the 1870s, and the bustle was most distinguishing feature of the new 70s fashion. This high protuberance at the back of the skirt carried on the 1860s trend toward flat fronts with extra material gathered in the back.

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