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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for "broke out"?

Synonyms for BROKE OUT: blazed (up), burst (forth), erupted, exploded, flamed, flared (up)

Is broke a proper noun?

break. / (breɪk) / verb breaks, breaking, broke or broken. to separate or become separated into two or more piecesthis cup is broken. to damage or become damaged so as to be inoperativemy radio is broken. What type of verb is break? Is break a proper noun? The word break can be a noun.

Is the word broke a noun?

broke. adjective. /brəʊk/. /brəʊk/. [not before noun] (informal) Idioms. jump to other results. having no money. I'm always broke by the end of the month. During the recession thousands of small businesses went broke (= had to stop doing business).

What is another word for broke off?

Synonyms for broke off include separated, divided, severed, parted, detached, broke, brake, disassembled, splintered and pulled off. Find more similar words at ...

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