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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to win Wordle?

To solve Wordle as efficiently as possible, try words that include the letters e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r; these are the most common letters in English. Another great trick is to begin with words that start with the letters t, a, o, d, and w; as again, these are the most common starting letters in English.

What are some of the features of the Wordle Archive?

Metzger Media created the Wordle Archive, which has some awesome features: You can keep track of your plays, scores, and wins going back to the very first Wordle from June 19, 2021.

How do you play Wordle?

How do you play Wordle? The premise of Wordle is simple; players have six tries to guess a five-letter mystery word. Each time you guess a word, the game tells you which (if any) of the letters you have guessed are correct — and if they’re in the correct place in the answer. The game can be accessed daily on the Wordle website.

How can the Wordle answer archive help you work out future Wordle answers?

After its ongoing success post-pandemic, the Wordle answer archive is getting pretty hefty at this point. Knowing previous Wordle answers is something that could not only benefit you in learning patterns in the game, but it could also potentially aid you in working out future Wordle answers.

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