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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of woreda in Ethiopia?

Woreda meaning An administrative division of Ethiopia, managed by a local government.

What is the difference between a woreda and a district?

Overview. Woredas are typically collected together into zones, which form a region; districts which are not part of a zone are designated Special Districts and function as autonomous entities. Districts are governed by a woreda council whose members are directly elected to represent each kebele in the district.

What is a special woreda?

"Special woredas" are a subgroup of woredas (districts) that are organized around the traditional homelands of an ethnic minority, and are outside the usual hierarchy of zones in their respective Region. These special woredas have many similarities to autonomous areas in other countries.

What is the full form of WoredaNET?

Woredanet stands for "network of district ( woreda) administrations." (1) Woredanet employs Internet Protocol (IP)-based satellite communication to provide a variety of services to the local administrations, such as Internet connection, email service, and Voice over IP (VoIP) service.

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