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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best documentary about WW2?

The 14 Best World War II Documentaries of 2021 1 Blood Upon the Snow: Russia's War. This 10-hour documentary covers a longer period than the war, focusing on Stalin’s regime, including the purges and the five-year plan, and so explains ... 2 Triumph of the Will. ... 3 The War. ...

What is World War II in HD?

WWII in HD is the first-ever World War II documentary presented in full, immersive HD color. Culled from thousands of hours of lost and rare color archival footage gathered from a worldwide search through basements and archives, WWII in HD will change the way the world sees this defining conflict.

Is'death on the Eastern Front'the best WWII documentary?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with "The World at War," but "Death on the Eastern Front" is how modern documentaries are made. It is Russia-centric, but most World War II documentaries could benefit from a stronger focus on Russia anyway. Color footage of the Second World War is a rapidly growing market.

What are some of the best World War 2 books?

The World at War Battlefield World War II: The Lost Color Archives Blood Upon the Snow: Russia's War Triumph of the Will The War World War II: Behind Closed Doors The Battle of San Pietro Death on the Eastern Front WWII in Color Russian Front Why We Fight: The Complete Series World War II Battle Force: Panzer

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