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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best World War 2 games for Xbox One?

9 Best World-war-2 games for Xbox One 1# Battle Islands: Commanders - 2017 2# Raid: World War II - 2017 3# Battalion 1944 - 2018 4# FACE - 2017 5# Sudden Strike 4: European Battlefields Edition - 2017 6# Days of War - 2017 7# Iron Wings - 2017 8# FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA - 2015 9# Bomber Crew: USAAF - 2017

What are the best real-time strategy games on Xbox One?

Halo Wars 2 is easily the best real-time strategy game on Xbox One, if for no reason other than the under-representation available on the console. Creating intuitive control schemes for strategy games on console isn't always easy, but Halo Wars is one of the few games that gets it perfectly right.

What are the best RTS games for competitive play?

One of the most mainstream games on this list, the advent of the Western Front Armies, overhaul of its War Spoils system and years of balance refinement cemented Company of Heroes 2 ‘s place as a respectable and enjoyable competitive RTS.

What is a World War II action game?

A free-to-play action game that brings World War II naval combat to mobile and tablet.

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