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Frequently Asked Questions

How to copy and paste 3 cubed symbols?

This is the shortest shortcut if you love to copy and paste symbols. All you need to do is select the symbol on the web or the character map, then hit Ctrl+C to copy, switch over to where you need it, and hit Ctrl+V to paste. If you are on Windows, below are the steps to copy and paste the 3 Cubed Symbol using the character map.

How do I use the cubed symbol shortcut?

Using the Cubed Symbol Shortcut (Mac and Windows) For Mac users, the keyboard shortcut for the Cubed Symbol is Option + 00B3. For Windows users, use the Alt Code method by pressing down the [Alt] key whilst typing the symbol alt code which is 0179. You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code.

How to use cubed symbol on Mac?

Place the insertion pointer in the right place. Type 00B3 on your keyboard, then press Alt + X. This will convert the numbers into the Cubed symbol at where you place the insertion pointer. Below is a breakdown on how to use the Cubed symbol shortcut for Mac:

How do I copy a symbol to my clipboard?

To copy the specific symbol to your clipboard, just click on it! Do you want to change the symbol size, or try different colors? Customize it for yourself and copy ready-to-use HTML code. Press the key or keys on the numpad while holding ALT.

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