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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Xbox Live codes?


How to activate a Xbox Live Code?

Method 2 of 3: Using Your Xbox One Turn on your Xbox One. To do so, press the Xbox button on the right side of the console. ... Scroll over to the "Store" tab and press A. The "Store" tab is at the top-right side of the Xbox One menu. Scroll down to Use a code and press A. ... Press A to bring up the keyboard. ... Enter your code. ... It's on the middle-right side of your Xbox One controller. ... More items...

How do you redeem a Xbox Live Gold code?

Redeem an Xbox Live Gold Membership code via PC. You can redeem your Xbox Live Gold Membership code on your PC using a Microsoft account or via your console. In order to be able to redeem your Xbox Live Membership code via your PC, you need to have a Microsoft account. Log into that account, enter the received code, and click ‘redeem code’.

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