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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Xbox anywhere?

Xbox Play Anywhere lets you play select games on any Windows gaming machine you own. When you download a digital copy of these games for either PC or Xbox One, you also get the game on the other platform for no extra cost. Your game data, downloadable content (DLC) and achievements will all show up on both systems.

Can you install Xbox games on PC?

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with an Xbox app that allows gamers to log into Microsoft and stream games directly from the Xbox One console. To play Xbox One games on your PC, you must enable streaming settings and confirm both devices are connected to the same high-speed Internet network.

Can I Play Xbox games on PC without a console?

Xbox games can not be directly played on PC, but they are introducing Buy once on Xbox One or One S, and play on all upcoming consoles by Xbox & PC. Meaning if you buy lets say ‘BF 5’ on Xbox One, you can download its PC version for free.

How do you play Xbox Live on your computer?

Connecting the PC and Xbox One Click on “Connect” in the left sidebar of the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC. Select the name of your Xbox One console. Connect an Xbox One controller to your PC using a USB cable. Click on “Stream,” then select the Xbox game you want to play on your PC.

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