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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Xbox series X restock?

To be specific, a Microsoft Xbox Series X restock can be found between February 14 and 20 from several retailers. Though Xbox Series X restocks have been less frequent than usual over the past few weeks, it is hopefully to see more soon. Standalone Series X restocks usually sell out in minutes, but bundles often stay in stock for a bit longer.

When will series X restock?

The GameStop Xbox Series X restock time today is at 11am EDT. GameStop is often late and then, in a flash, it'll sell out in a few minutes today, October 7, with Far Cry 6 bundled with the Microsoft console. Other stores will get the Xbox Series X in stock in October for MSRP, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy. GameStop won't be alone.

Who has Xbox in stock?

HSN still has the Xbox Series X in stock—snag one of the sought-after consoles today

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