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Frequently Asked Questions

When will series X restock?

The Walmart Xbox Series X restock has been on always a Thursday (but we didn't say it's every Thursday) in 2021 – except for last week when the big-box retailer decided to put Xbox consoles for sale a day earlier than usual.

Will they restock the Xbox series X?

Xbox Series X restocks are a thing of the past. The retailer announced it won't hold restock events per se, but will instead release inventory the minute it receives it. (As opposed to waiting for all of their nationwide stores to receive stock and then holding a restock event). They're currently out of stock.

How to track Xbox series X restock?

Keep an eye on social media: If you're struggling to track down Xbox Series X restock deals, stock-tracking accounts on the likes of Twitter are essential. They'll help give you a heads-up on any offers that appear and will regularly let their followers know what's coming ahead of time.

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