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Frequently Asked Questions

When will stores restock Xbox series?

That being said, there are going to be at least a couple more restocks between now and the new year, so you should remain vigilant. Here is the latest update for every major U.S. retailer. According to reliable console tracker Matt Swider, GameStop will be holding an in-store restock event for the Xbox Series X on Thursday, December 23.

When will series X restock?

Update: Best Buy is now sold out of consoles. However, an in-store GameStop restock is confirmed for December 23. Also, make sure to follow our Xbox Series X restock coverage for future restocks this month. Best Buy Xbox Series X restock is back!

When is the Xbox series X restocking?

We usually see Xbox Series X orders open up at Best Buy on Fridays at 12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 10am MDT / 9am PDT, or a few minutes after that time. We've seen it as late as 3:15pm EDT once, however, Best Buy completely missed this window. There's now more hope that it'll have an even bigger restock on Friday, April 9.

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