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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Xpress boats cost?

How much do Xpress boats cost? Xpress boats for sale on Boat Trader are available for an assortment of prices, valued from $10,145 on the more affordable end all the way up to $66,568 for the most advanced boats.

Why choose Xpress Jon boats?

Whether it’s for pleasure or commercial use, our utility series provides for all usage. From a tunnel or modified “V’” hull rigged with accessories to the choice of a full bench seat or split rear seating. Xpress Jon Boats roots run deep with its ancestry being the original all-welded aluminum boat.

Why choose Xpress hyper-lift Bay series?

Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay Series boats are the SOLUTION. Built on the foundation of our Hyper-Lift Hull, this dream craft packs performance, fishability, and comfort into one amazing cost effective boat. Thin water or rough seas, you will not... Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay Series boats are the SOLUTION.

Why the Xpress x21pro?

The Xpress X21Pro was the first boat I found to meet all of my needs in a bass boat. From the power of my Yamaha 250hp SHO to the super shallow draft allowing me to quietly fish areas others can’t make it into.

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