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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Dell desktop computer?

These are the best pre-built desktop PCs available now Best overall: Dell XPS Tower 8940 Special Edition. ... Best overall. ... Also great: HP ENVY Desktop. ... Also great. ... Great value: Acer Aspire TC-895. ... Great value. ... Best gaming: HP Omen 30L. ... Best gaming. ... Best all-in-one: HP ENVY 32 AiO. ... Best all-in-one. ... More items...

Are Dell laptops good?

Dell laptops are well-made with quality components, but like most laptops, their speakers aren’t amazing and sound fairly tinny. If you want your movies, music, and games to sound as good as they can, get a pair of powered speakers or a good set of headphones.

What is a Dell XPS laptop?

Dell XPS laptops are designed to be the best, with the highest resolution displays, exceptional build quality, unique material and powerful features. This luxury laptop brand is to compete with Macbook of Apple. Dell designed this series mainly for Business and this series was introduced in August 2008.

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