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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the confidence pet XL dog house right for your dog?

If your dog tall enough for you to pet him without bending over, the Confidence Pet XL dog house is a good choice. As long as you live in an area with temperate weather and/or bring your pup inside during the winter, you shouldn’t have a problem with the lack of insulation.

What is the biggest dog house on the market?

The Duplex wood dog house is the largest one on our list. It’s so big, it can easily fit two large dogs or one extra large dog and a couple of Chihuahuas.

What makes the petmate 25944 dog house so special?

The Petmate 25944 Dog House protects your dog from outdoor elements. This extra large dog house features an exclusive, patented dome design that keeps the house stable in high winds and naturally sheds snow and other debris that could collect on top.

What is the best kennel dog house for a small dog?

The Victorian Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House is perfect for any size dog. The spacious open area allows them to feel like they are part of the outdoors, while the roof keeps him sheltered from the weather. This Kit is panelized so that means it is prefabbed and ready for construction. Customer provides Shingles, Drip-edge, & Paint.

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