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Frequently Asked Questions

Are XXL Pitbulls active dogs?

XXL pit bulls are quite active dogs that require a lot of space to move about. Most pit bulls require this, but the size of the XXL pit bulls makes this mandatory. This breed of dog needs a place where they can run freely on open land is best. An environment that provides lots of exercise and movement is encouraged.

How long do Pitbulls live as pets?

How long do Pitbulls live? The lifespan of a Pitbull is between 8 and 16 years. Their exact life expectancy largely depends on which Pitbull sub-breed they belong to. On average, American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers live the longest lives among the Pitbull breeds.

How big does a XXL pit bull get?

More than three times larger than a regular-sized American pit bull dog, Hulk weighs in at 175 pounds. His head is a whopping 28 inches wide, and his jaws are massive and quite strong. Take a look at Hulk to see for yourself how big a XXL pit bull can grow. Dogs like Hulk are a very rare breed.

What kind of health problems do XXL Pitbulls have?

XXL pit bulls are prone to developing cataracts as they age. Hip dysplasia may also be an issue especially because of the size of this particular breed of pit bull. It is very important that your XXL pit bull receive regular veterinarian checkups annually or semi-annually to ensure optimal health.

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