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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick'Em?

The 2021 Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick'em season is here! Show off your smarts each week by picking the winners in all professional football games. Now, you can even create or join a group that picks through the playoffs!

What are the other schools receiving votes in the AP Poll?

Others Receiving Votes: 26 Kansas State 48, 27 Notre Dame 46, T28 Boston College 40, T28 Maryland 40, 30 BYU 38, T31 Missouri 37, T31 Texas Tech 37, T33 Cincinnati 36, T33 Oregon State 36, 35 Stanford 32, 36 Ole Miss 31, T37 Cal 30, T37 Washington 30, 39 Georgia Tech 28, 40 Clemson 26, 41 Arkansas 25, 42 South Carolina 24, T43 Colorado 23, T43 O...

Is there a mock draft for the Yahoo Public League?

This is not a mock draft. By clicking ‘Join’ you are joining and drafting for a Yahoo Public League. To mock draft go to the Mock Draft Lobby. You are about to enter a live, standard (snake) draft for a Fantasy Football league with default scoring.

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