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Frequently Asked Questions

What does years ago mean?

Years is the plural (One year ago. Two years ago.). In this case, it's a question of what is meant by 'some'. Usually, the expression is used when what is meant is on the lines of 'a reasonable period of time' ago, but that's just as vague and unsatisfactory.

What is the meaning of 'five score years ago'?

USA - English. To refer to a period as "five score years" is a deliberate echo of the famous opening of Abraham Lincoln's address at the cemetery at Gettysburg, which began "Four score and seven years ago..

How many years ago did life begin?

Some of the most exciting events in Earth’s history and life occurred during this time, which spanned about two billion years until about 550 million years ago. The continents began to form and stabilize, creating the supercontinent Rodinia about 1.2 billion years ago.

What is ago in English?

Meaning of “ago” in the English Dictionary. "ago" in English. A2 back in time from the present: He left the house over an hour ago. The dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Long ago/A long time ago, there lived a girl called Cinderella. Electrical goods are almost double the price they were a few years ago.

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