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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define the scope of a technical effort?

Defining the scope of the technical effort provides: An accurate basis for program cost and schedule estimates, documented in the Independent Cost Estimate (ICE), Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD) and Acquisition Program Baseline (APB). A foundation for risk identification and management (see DAG DAG CH 3–4.1.5.

What is the effort calculation method?

Calculating Effort The federal government recognizes that, in an academic setting, teaching, research, service, and administration are often inextricably intermingled. Effort calculation is based on the time necessary to fulfill 100% of activities for which an individual can be compensated, regardless of the number of hours worked.

Why do engineers write technical specs?

By writing a technical spec, engineers are forced to examine a problem before going straight into code, where they may overlook some aspect of the solution. When you break down, organize, and time box all the work you’ll have to do during the implementation, you get a better view of the scope of the solution.

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