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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yorkies good pets?

Yorkies do make good pets but they are not for everyone. A Yorkie is a good pet for you if you want a small dog that you can carry around and does not take up a lot of space. You may also want a Yorkie for a pet if you want a lively, playful companion that doesn’t need to be exercised a lot.

Is there a Yorkie rescue in Ohio?

LittIe Yorkie Rescue is a smaII Ohio based rescue out of Lorain Ohio that is dedicated to finding the perfect, Ioving, forever home, for the perfect, Ioving IittIe heart. We provide them with proper vet care, grooming and a safe environment untiI we approve and pIace them with Ioving forever famiIies.

Can a Yorkie be a working dog?

Yorkies require some exercise but are not as demanding as bigger dogs. Because Yorkies have terrier heritage and because they used to be working dogs , they still like time every day to be active. Remember, Yorkies were bred to have a job and a purpose, so, they love having tasks and aim to please.

Are Yorkies friendly dogs?

The Yorkshire Terrier makes a wonderful companion for most people, as they are loyal, friendly and amusing to be around. General Appearance and Description. Yorkies are popular with people who enjoy being able to take their dogs with them everywhere.

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