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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zillow a good company to use?

Zillow was one of those sites. As one of the leaders of the online real estate industry, Zillow is available both online and via mobile app, and its reach into the real estate market is incomparable.

What are some things to know before using Zillow?

Zillow’s price estimates and basic info, which sometimes includes photos from a previous listing or just the information available from publicly accessible property records, make it easier for buyers to get a sense of the neighborhood. Another helpful tool for home buyers is the ability to look at homes that have recently sold.

What are the benefits of using Zillow?

One other good features of Zillow is that they have made their services to be easily accessible by the disabled persons as well as provide satisfying experiences to all their customers and visitors. You get to even see new notifications of listings right there on your app.

What does Zillow do?

Founded in 2006, Zillow began as a simple listing service. It then grew to include proprietary Zestimates (research-based estimates of home value), rentals, agent referrals, and financing options, along with extensive resources to help home buyers, sellers, and renters navigate the process of finding a place to live with ease.

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