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Frequently Asked Questions

How to resize the image for gender model?

For gender model resize the images to 227,227 convert them to numpy array and add them to the test and train dataset. This process may take up a little time because the dataset is not very small. 6. Gender Model

What can we do with models for gender and age prediction?

We have successfully created models for gender and age prediction and used them for inferencing on photos, videos, and webcam. Now we can use them in different projects and add them to our facial analysis tools list.

What dataset do we use to train our model?

The dataset we are going to use to train our model is the audience benchmark age and gender dataset. This dataset contains various images in various real-world conditions with different lighting and noise levels. It contains 26580 images of 2284 subjects of different age groups and gender.

Why is the task of gender and age detection just not easy?

The task of gender and age detection just from an image is not an easy task even for us humans because it is totally based on looks and sometimes it is not easy to guess it. People of the same age can look very different from what we can guess.

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