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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of the 1903 Indianhead Penny?

Indian pennies of this quality are rare and seldom offered for sale. Value was left to the collectors market to determine as multiple bidders in a David Lawrence rare coin auction competed to acquire this coin. Eventually 1903 Indian head penny value settled at $172.

How much is a 1902 Indian Head Penney worth?

1902 Indian Head cents were minted in large numbers, with 87,374,704 business strikes coming from the Philadelphia mint. 2,018 proof specimens were also made in 1902. The common business strikes retail for $2 in Good-4, which according to most collectors of 20th-century coins is considered the lowest collectible grade. 1902 proof Indian Head pennies sell for $1,275 .

Who is the Indian on the Indian Head penny?

Indian Head Penny. They were given that name because of the nickel they contained. The Indian Head Pennies lost their nickname in 1866 when five cent nickel coins were produced. It has been rumored that the model for the Indian likeness was the daughter of James Barton Longacre who designed the Indian Head Penny, but it has not been proven.

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