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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the original station wagons called?

Then came the Nomad, Safari, Tin Woodie, Country Squire, Ranch Wagon, Estate Wagon, Suburban, surf wagons, Fiesta Wagon, Caballero and more. By the 1960's and 1970's, the family station wagon, i.e. Roadmaster wagon and Vista Cruiser had become Suburban America's preferred family transportation.

What was the capacity of the Crosley station wagon?

The vehicle was advertised with a quarter-ton payload capacity for utility use, and its rear seat was optional. The entire range of CC models were based on the same two-door car and frame. The 1948 Station Wagon became the most popular model Crosley built, with 23,489 units made.

What happened to the Ford Sportsman station wagons?

The wood-sided Sportsman convertible, supplied by the Ford Iron Mountain Plant, ended the year with just 28 built, and the all-wood bodies on the woody station wagons were replaced with steel for the 1949 season. The old car-based trucks were replaced by the F-Series this year.

What kind of car is a 1941 Ford Ranger?

The 1941 was a bigger car with a 194.3-in (4.935-m) overall length and a width increased to 73.12-in. Body styles included two-door and four-door sedans, a sedan coupe, a business coupe, and convertible coupe, sedan delivery wagon, and woody station wagon.

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