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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy an RTX 3070?

Best Buy has a range of RTX 3070 models, but they have all now sold out, unfortunately. Hopefully the retailer will get more stock in soon. Newegg regularly has some stock available of this and other RTX 30-Series graphics cards, but you'll generally have to pay a premium to get them.

Is there a shortage of RTX 3070 in the UK?

Availability in the UK is also tight. The one way you can get the RTX 3070 while also getting the most for your money is throughout pre-built systems. There may be a shortage of graphics cards, but there’s no shortage of pre-built gaming desktops and even laptops that come with an RTX 3070 inside.

What are the specs of the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti?

GeForce RTX 3070 G eForce RTX 3070 Ti G eForce RTX 3070 GPU Engine Specs: NVIDIA CUDA ® Cores 6144 5888 Boost Clock (GHz) 1.77 1.73 Base Clock (GHz) 1.58 1.50 Memory Specs: Standard Memory Config 8 GB GDDR6X 8 GB GDDR6 35 more rows ...

What is the hash rate of RTX 3070 LHR?

Note: GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards with LHR (lite hash rate) ship May 2021. Check manufacturer listing for LHR products. GeForce RTX 3070 GPUs with LHR deliver 25 MH/s ETH hash rate (est.). NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready drivers provide the highest level of performance and the smoothest experience possible, from the moment you start playing.

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