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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 500500px cost?

500px has two paid tiers named “Plus” and “Awesome” which cost $25 and $75 per year respectively. While the $25 subscription will allow you to create “sets,” upload as many photos as you want and even sell your prints, but it does not allow you to create a personalized portfolio.

Should you build a portfolio on 500px?

If you want to build a portfolio on a platform where every single photo is a reality check for your skills, then 500px (pronounced 500 pixels) is where you should be signing up. The website is exclusively dedicated to photographers and you’d have to look really hard to find bad photos (unless you’re the one uploading them… j/k).

What is the royalty rate for 500px photos?

Edit (March 21, 2016): 500px has now cut their royalty rate from 70% to 30% for non-exclusive photographs. Exclusive photos are now at a royalty rate of 60%.

What happened to 500px me?

When the site (now rebranded was discovered last week it became apparent that there could be some major issues with the move into China – an entirely new Chinese site written in Chinese and hosted in China. 500px support confirmed with users asking for an explanation that indeed this was a 500px website.

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