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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pacific Time and Central Time?

When planning a call between Pacific Time and Central Time, you need to consider time difference between these time zones. PT is 2 hours behind of CT. It is 6:00 pm in PT.

What is PT time zone?

Pacific Time (PT) is the westernmost time zone in the contiguous United States and Canada. It is also used in Baja California, Mexico . The PT time zone is the third most populated time zone in the US. It spans from Canada to Mexico. In North America, Pacific Time shares a border with Mountain Time (MT) in the east. What Does PT Time Zone Mean?

What time is PST?

6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). Offset UTC -8:00 hours 8:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST). Offset UTC -6:00 hours Countries: It is used in following countries: Canada, Mexico, United States Principal Cities: The largest city in the PST timezone is Los Angeles from USA with population about 3.793 million people.

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