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What are some of the most interesting abandoned buildings in Canada?

This windblown homestead on the Canadian Prairies: 8. This abandoned wharf in the Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia: 9. This warped house on Prince Edward Island: 10. This derelict Ukrainian church on the Saskatchewan plains: 11. This empty indoor pool at Camp 30, Ontario: 12. These forgotten telephone booths in Ashburn, Whitby, Ontario: 13.

Did a hoarder live in an abandoned house in Ontario?

A very messy Living Room in an Abandoned House in Ontario. This home seemed to have been lived in by a hoarder. An abandoned home in Ontario that seemed to have been owned by a hoarder. This spiral staircase is what this home is famous for!

Why take pictures of abandoned houses?

" Being inside an abandoned house can stir up so many different emotions, thoughts and feelings, something you don’t feel anywhere else. What I love about photographing abandoned structures is that they are all different and beautiful in their own way, and they are an excellent avenue to learn and practice photography techniques.

Why is this town in BC abandoned and empty?

Legend has it, though, that it was a drug hiding ground for local gangsters in the 80s. This town in B.C. has been empty and abandoned for almost 3 decades. It was originally built in the 1970s and was supposed to be a mining hub for minerals, and sat closer to the Alaskan border than any other town.

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