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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best haunted house in Massachusetts?

The biggest and best haunted house in Salem Massachusetts just outside of Boston Mass is Hysteria Haunted Screampark. The scareist haunted house features five different attractions including a very unique zombie hunt where guest get to hunt down and kill zombies.

What is small estate in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Small Estate Affidavit is used to inform a probate court that a particular estate meets the requirements of Massachusetts Small Estate laws. Massachusetts caps the value of a small estate at $25,000 in real and personal property.

What is Housing Court in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Housing Court. The Massachusetts Housing Court (also known as the Housing Court Department of the Trial Court) is a trial court in Massachusetts that hears a wide range of housing cases of " common law and statutory jurisdiction" dealing "with the health, safety, or welfare, of any occupant of any place...of human habitation"...

What is an abandoned apartment?

The Abandoned Apartment is a building located adjacent to the Hound Pits Pub. Located in the Old Port District, the apartment is one of the many buildings in the area that was evacuated due to the plague. There are two known entrances - one at the top of a broken set of stairs, and the other near the Old Dunwall Sewers.

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