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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play abandonware games for PC?

From the web you can play online or download the abandonware games for PC that we have at present, totally free. You are also at your disposal a section with the main emulators and, if you have any questions or suggestions we offer you a section to contact us, as well as a section for news or updates on the web.

What is the best DOS emulator for Windows 10?

DOSBox is the master DOS emulator, it works with almost every computer, and will be enough for a quick play of most games. Check the DOSBox website for more information. DOSBox works in Windows 10. DOSBox Enhanced Community Edition, aka DOSBox ECE, is a good replacement of vanilla DOSBox.

Where can I play old DOS games online? | Game and Software Preservation Over 6000+ DOS/Windows and Console games preserved for future generations. ClassicReload was setup for preservation of 6,000+ old retro abandonware games and abandoned OS/interfaces that you can play DOS games online right in your web browser for education and research purposes.

How do I run D-fend without a DOSBox?

If you don't have the DOSBox shortcut on your desktop, the drag and drop works on the DOSBox executable file located in C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.xx\ As a start, download the latest setup of D-Fend. Once installed, follow the following steps (click on the pictures for full size).

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