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Frequently Asked Questions

What is absolute health?

Absolute Health Integrative Medicine is a full service medical clinic providing Anti-Aging, Integrative and Advancement in Medicine for individualized treatment programs for patients of all ages and with various disorders.

How can I get free healthcare?

This medical care is often very good because the students are carefully supervised by their training physicians. Visit a federally funded healthcare center. At these centers you only pay what you can afford, based on your income. If you have no income, you can usually get free medical care.

Should health care be socialized?

History of term. According to health economist Uwe Reinhardt, "strictly speaking, the term 'socialized medicine' should be reserved for health systems in which the government operates the production of health care and provides its financing.". Still others say the term has no meaning at all.

Why is healthcare controversial?

Health care is so controversial because everyone is in a different situation and all want the best for themselves. Some are all for Universal Health care because they cannot afford it themselves. Others, who are more fortunate, would rather not spend their money on something they may never see.

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