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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some adjectives that describe emotions?

This is a list of adjectives that helps you describe exactly feelings and emotions: Happy - I want to make you happy! Afraid - I hope I can find the one who is afraid of losing me. Sad - She was sad to see him go. Hot - She was hot and breathless from the exertion of cycling uphill. Amused - The patient was amused at the music. Bored - It was a cold, wet day and the children were bored. More items...

What are some examples of adjectives and their meanings?

60 Most Common Adjectives, Meanings and Example Sentences abrupt. The truck made an abrupt turn. ... adorable. He's playing with his toys. ... amiable. Meaning: charming, lovable, displaying a friendly. ... amused. We amused ourselves by playing playstation. ... bored. I'm always bored when playing basketball. ... brave. My dog is very brave. ... broad. There is a broad street near the hospital. charming. ... cheerful. ... clean. ... More items...

What are the seven basic emotions?

The American Psychological Association recognizes seven basic human emotions, including joy, surprise, sadness, fear and contempt. The APA also recognizes anger and disgust as basic human emotions.

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