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Frequently Asked Questions

How many species of elephants are there in Africa?

Now, we have two species of African elephant: the African Forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) and the African Saharan elephant (Loxodonta africana, also known as the African Bush elephant). 19) A group of elephants is called a herd.

What is the biggest elephant in the world?

The African Bush elephant, Loxodonta africana, is the largest living terrestrial animal in the world, reaching up to 24 feet in length and 13 feet in height. Also known as the African Savannah elephant, these peaceful giants are truly impressive with their massive size.

Do Elephants have tusks in Africa?

African elephants also have bigger tusks, large modified incisors that grow throughout an elephant's life. They occur in both males and females and are used in fights and for marking, feeding, and digging. The African bush elephant occurs in Sub-Saharan Africa including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, and Angola.

What are the characteristics of an African elephant?

The most characteristic features of African elephants are their very large ears, which they use to radiate excess heat, and their trunk, a nose and an extension of the upper lip with two opposing extensions, or "fingers" at the end of it (in contrast to the Asian elephant, which only has one).

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