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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Elephants live in Africa?

Although the historical range of its ancestors ranged right into the Arctic Circle, today the African Bush Elephant is mainly found in central and southern Africa in nomadic herds that wander the plains and grasslands of Africa grazing for food and searching for waterholes.

How big is the range of the African elephant?

The elephants’ range shrank from three million square miles in 1979 to just over one million square miles in 2007. Commercial logging, plantations for biofuels and extractive industries like logging and mining not only destroy habitat but also open access to remote elephant forests for poachers.

What is the other name of African elephant?

Extant & Reintroduced (resident) Synonyms. Elephas africanus. The African bush elephant ( Loxodonta africana ), also known as the African savanna elephant, is the largest living terrestrial animal, with bulls reaching a shoulder height of up to 3.96 m (13.0 ft) and a body mass of up to 10.4 t (11.5 short tons).

Are elephants endangered in Africa?

Unfortunately, African Elephants are threatened and nearing the “Endangered” status. Elephant poaching and the destruction of their environment have led to African bush elephant population numbers falling drastically over the last century. Hunting elephants is a popular sport in Africa.

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