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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of after we fell?

What happened in After We Fell? The ending explained AWF sees the return of Tessa Young’s alcoholic dad as he comes back into her life and is staying with her and Hardin before she moves to Seattle for her new job.

When will 'after we fell' be on Netflix?

Lucky for you, Netflix announced After We Fell will finally hit Netflix on Jan. 17. The movie is hitting the streaming service even sooner than fans may have expected. After, the first movie in the franchise hit theaters in April 2019 and then premiered on Netflix six months later in October 2019.

Is after we fell on Netflix?

Is After We Fell on Netflix? Unfortunately, After We Fell is not on Netflix US, as of October 2021. The movie will be available to stream on Netflix in some regions and countries soon, but right now, you can’t watch After We Fell on Netflix.

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