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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AfterShip and how does it work?

Aftership is a service designed to help e-retailers track and trace parcels as they travel from the original seller to their final destination. It was originally founded in 2012. What kind of services does Aftership offer? Aftership started by just offering shipment tracking for parcels.

Which carriers does AfterShip support for tracking?

AfterShip package tracker currently supports 700+ carriers in our order tracker app (find the full list below). Enter in our package tracker the tracking number you received from Amazon shipping, eBay AliExpress, and others for your parcel and track your packages and deliveries at any time.

Where is the AfterShip headquarters located?

The headquarters for Aftership are located in Hong Kong, but the company does not handle any parcels at this location, and it is solely for its development team and sales staff, in order to operate Aftership services online. Aftership only tracks other courier sites and is not involved in any of the logistics personally.

How long does it take to implement AfterShip?

AfterShip is the most advanced shipment tracking solution on the market. It takes only 1-2 weeks for our engineers for the implementation. Aftership supports our business processes by simplifying the many carrier tracking data that we receive.

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